What business plans are so attractive for investors?The probability of success in any business depends not only on abilities of the entrepreneur. This is a difficult path. since the market itself is quite complex phenomenon. Beginners sometimes get the impression. what to them the brand began to learn. need to plaster advertising all vehicles. banners to fill all the sites. to paste the logo on each bumper and put it on every t-shirt. However, although it is indeed a long and difficult process. you can start without all of the above. But without which it is impossible to start. so it is not a good business plan. which can attract investors ‘ money. because these people are always very careful in the choice of the investment object .

First. what attracts the investor is the justification of the reasons. why your company could ever exist. If you write to. that your business will be just to sell something or produce. and the only reason it needs to be successful. you will not attract a sponsor. Your chances will be higher. if you are well versed in all the nuances of the business and demonstrate their knowledge to the investor . Continue reading

In Crimea four unemployed defended business plans for your businessIn Crimea at the moment, four of the unemployed defended business plans to start their own business and will receive 58,8 thousand roubles on development.

About this at the press conference said the Director of Fund of obligatory social insurance of the Republic of Crimea in case of unemployment, Sergey Brodov.

In March, Crimea was transferred to Krasnodar by price of butter, milk, meat and fish. The difference per unit reached on some items almost 30 rubles. Continue reading

Three reasons why CEOs do not write business plans«I do not take credits, so I a business plan is not necessary”. It is a wrong idea of what such a document. A business plan allows you to test the idea and get advice from even before the project will be implemented.

«the Future is impossible to predict”. This is true only in part. Because the only thing that it is impossible to predict for the next 12 months – how many products customers will buy Your company. For most companies during this period little change: people, production, costs and financial needs for the most part predictable. So you can simulate how Your company will be at different volumes of production and to develop a plan of survival in case sales will plummet.

“My company has been around for 15 years. No business plan I don’t need, because I’m not going broke”. This is a very risky statement, because bankrupt and become Mature companies. Ruining their overconfidence of the management, because the market is changing and clients don’t want to buy the same products. It is important companies need a business plan – they have something to lose. Continue reading

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How to write a good business planTo start us it’s not turned into chaos, you need a plan. A business plan is necessary both for the entrepreneur and his investors. What you need to know for making a good business plan?

What is a business plan and why you need it

A well-written plan for starting a business allows you to better understand, what should be the business and how much it will take funds and will serve as a calling card when contacting the Bank for a loan or potential investors.

A business plan is an economic program of enterprise management, describing the overall strategy of the development of production of competitive products to optimize markets. Continue reading

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